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Featured Book: Courting the Countess by Donna Hatch
When charming rake Tristan Barrett sweeps Lady Elizabeth off her feet, stealing both her heart and a kiss in a secluded garden, her brother challenges Tristan to a duel. The only way to save her brother and Tristan from harm—not to mention preserve her reputation—is to get married. But her father, the Duke of Pemberton, refuses to allow his daughter to marry anyone but a titled lord. The duke demands that Elizabeth marry Tristan’s older brother, Richard, the Earl of Averston. Now Elizabeth must give up Tristan to marry a man who despises her, a man who loves another, a man she’ll never love.

Richard fears Elizabeth is as untrustworthy as his mother, who ran off with another man. However, to protect his brother from a duel and their family name from further scandal, he agrees to the wedding, certain his new bride will betray him. Yet when Elizabeth turns his house upside down and worms her way into his reluctant heart, Richard suspects he can’t live without his new countess. Will she stay with him or is it too little, too late?

Releases October 5, 2016 - Preorder Here!

A Message from our new Chairwoman, Jaclyn Weist!


It’s hard to believe this year has flown so quickly. Between chasing six kids and several writing deadlines, I’ve barely had time to breathe—and it’s just the way I like it!

I love the fall for the changing leaves, the cooler weather, the holiday season, and the anticipation of cheesy Christmas romance movies and inspirational Christmas stories.

I’m also excited for NaNoWriMo this year. Have you thought of participating? It’s a great way to stretch your writing muscles and push yourself to write a 50,000 word novel within a month—or faster! I’m a pretty competitive person by nature (you should see family game night among my siblings …), so trying to write a book by November 30th is just part of the package. Last year’s story came to me long before November hit, which made writing it that much more exciting. If you haven’t thought of doing NaNoWriMo before, maybe this could be the year.

Don’t forget our Storymaker University held each month. We’ve had fantastic lesson over the last couple of months, and looking forward the classes in the future.

Good luck to all of you and keep on writing!


Welcome New Members!

We're so excited to welcome the following new members this fall:

Steve Whibley
and Jessie Oliveros

Taking Advantage of Storymakers U

One of the bonuses of Storymakers U is that the content is available in the event for members to look over if they missed the class. Navigate to the Event button at the top of the LDStorymakers group page on Facebook. If you don't see the past events, click on the Settings drop-down box.

You'll be able to choose to have it show Past Events. A list will pop up of all the past Storymakers U events, and you can click inside and look around and even continue the discussion with other members!

Upcoming Events



Adding Horror to Your Writing
with J. Scott Savage
7:00 pm MDT


NEW 2017 LDStorymakers Conference Registration Opening Date!


LDStorymakers Conference
Provo, UT
May 11th-13th


November Storymakers University

Month-Long NaNoWrimo Event
Sprints, Prizes, FUN!

 New Releases

Clanless by Jennifer Jenkins 
Ghostsitter by Shelly Brown 
The Perfect Gift by A.L. Sowards, Anita Stansfield, Breanna Olaveson, Ellen Fay Belnap, Ganel-Lyn Condie, Jennifer Moore, Krista Lynne Jensen, Meg Johnson, Melanie Jacobson, Pamela Carrington Reid, Sandra Grey, Sian Ann Bessey 
Sheppard's Last Lamb by Annalisa Hall, illustrated by Alex Worthen 

Catalyst by Kristin Smith 
No Peace with the Dawn by E.B. Wheeler and Jeffery Bateman
Not a Word by Stephanie Black
The Plus One by Rebecca Blevins
To Suit a Suitor by Paula Kremser
To Win a Lady's Heart by Sian Ann Bessey

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