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Join us for the Storymakers Conference in Provo, Utah! May 12th-13th, 2017 at the Utah Valley Convention Center. Registration begins January 23rd, 2017. We have new Thursday Workshops, an amazing lineup of editors and agents, and a few more new and exciting tidbits to share. To stay on top of the current news, check out the conference Facebook page.

Our Mission

Our purpose as an organization is three-fold: to encourage and support fellow writers, strengthen literacy in our communities, and raise the quality of LDS literature. For these reasons, we strive to reach out to aspiring authors and help them improve their craft to the point of publication. We believe that the more people become comfortable with a pen and a book, the more civilized our society will grow.

New Releases!

Shoot the Moon by Kate Watson
Daughter of the Siren Queen by Tricia Levenseller
The Debt of Truth by Norma T Rudolph
Kisses With KC by Jo Noelle
P.S. I Love You by Jo Noelle
Illegally Wedded: A Marriage for Citizenship Romance (Legally in Love Book 6) by Jennifer Griffith
Flicker by Rebecca Rode
Miami - A History of Miami Area, Arizona, 2nd Edition Lee Ann Powers and Virgil Alexander, Editors
Pass Protection by Christine Kersey
Heart of the West by Carolyn Twede Frank
Finding Beauty in the Beast by Jessilyn Stewart Peaslee
The Secret of a Kiss by Kimberley Montpetit
A Tangled Inheritance by Chalon Linton
A Familiar Fear by Kathi Oram Peterson
Against the Magic by Donna K. Weaver
Slayers: The Dragon Lords by Janette Rallison writing as CJ Hill
Rise Above Depression: Encouragement and Tips From Those Who Do It Every Day by Jodi Orgill Brown
Fractured Slipper (Fairy Tale Ink #2) by Lehua Parker, Adrienne Monson, Liz Isaacson, Angela Corbett, and Angela Brimhall
Poison's Cage
 by Breeana Shields

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The Ldstorymakers membership overwhelmingly voted in support of new avenues of membership. Visit our how to join page and see if you meet the requirements to become part of the Storymakers Author Guild.


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2018 Storymakers Conference

2018 Storymakers Conference in Provo, UT

May 3-4 at the Utah Valley Convention Center.

Registration opens January 23rd, 2018

Meet the Board

Meet the Board

Welcome Tiana Smith, Communications Chair!

Tiana Smith is a copywriter turned novelist who grew up in the Wild West of Montana. When she isn’t writing, she’s chasing after her ninja boy, reading, or binging the Disney Channel. She’d love to be fluent in sign language, but for now she gets by with awkward hand gestures and even more awkward French. She has double degrees in Honors and English from Westminster College but wants to go back to school to be a lion tamer. Her debut novel will be published in January 2019 from Swoon Reads/Macmillan.

Storymakers Book Spotlight

Death's Queen by Janeal Falor

An assassin without a name, born to kill. Owned by a vicious man who refuses to call her anything but girl, she is forced to commit atrocious acts of violence. Vowing to take her future into her own hands, the seventeen-year-old decides to risk everything on one act of defiance—drinking from The Death Drink. The beverage kills most whose lips touch it—only allowing those who are destined to be royalty survive the first sip.

To the astonishment of the nation of Valcora, she imbibes it and lives, which crowns her queen. Thrown into a life of royal intrigue, she now has a purpose—to rule with the fairness she was never shown. Despite her altruistic plans, it becomes apparent that someone wants her dead. The new queen must use her training from the former life she only wants to forget in order to stay alive long enough to turn her kingdom into something she can be proud of. She’ll hold onto the crown… or die trying.


Library on Wheels: Mary Lemist Ticomb and America's First Bookmobile by Sharlee Glenn

Mary Lemist Titcomb (1852-1932) was one of the most innovative librarians of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. She grew up wanting to do something special. The problem was that people were always telling her that she couldn't. But Mary never gave up, and did find something special--to be a librarian. As head librarian of the Washington County Free Library in Maryland, Titcomb was concerned that the library did not serve all the people it could. She was determined that everyone would have access to a library--not just the rich and those who lived in town. And so she set out to find a way to take the library to the county's 25.000 rural residents. Thus the bookmobile was born!


ABC See, Hear, Do by Stefanie Hohl

ABC See, Hear, Do is a first step in teaching children to read. This exciting new method of teaching reading combines visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning styles to help increase phonemic awareness. The combination of fun animal pictures with hand motions helps young children easily remember each letter sound. After learning only four letter sounds, your child will start blending sounds together to form words.

• Teach your child the sounds letters make

• Use hand motions to help remember the sounds 

• Learn the sounds in groups of four letters at a time 

• Blend sounds together to read 55 three-letter words

Stefanie Hohl, M.Ed. has been teaching children to read for years. Through her experience teaching preschool, homeschooling, and running storytime at a local bookstore, Stefanie has developed this simple Learn-to-Read picture book. She lives in Pittsburgh with her husband and five children.